Connect with retailers actively looking for products in your category.

Getting your brand in front of buyers when they want to see it.
How do buyer campaigns work?

Our retail partner tells us what they are looking for, details their requirements, and what the opportunity looks like for the brand.

We create a campaign on our platform, giving brands visibility of the opportunity.

Brands matching the campaign's requirements are invited to apply by submitting their products.

The buyer or buying team reviews submissions. They can ask questions and request samples via the platform.

Next steps. The retailer decides what works for them best. They can either decide to follow their own internal process or schedule follow-up meetings facilitated by our team.

What are the benefits of buyer campaigns?
  • Highly targeted.

    Highly targeted.

    Direct access to buyers actively looking for products like yours.

  • Quick and simple.

    Quick and simple

    Submissions take minutes to complete.

  • Highly effective.

    Highly effective.

    By submitting products via a campaign you are putting them in front of buyers at the time they want to review your category and are actively looking for products like yours. Buyer campaigns give a higher chance of success.

  • Easy follow-up.

    Easy follow-up.

    Our powerful digital platform is at the heart of buyer campaigns so it is very easy to track, action, and follow up directly with retailers.

Campaign FAQs
How do I access the live campaigns? How much does it cost to make a submission to a campaign?

You get free access to the Buyer Campaigns until 1st January 2024 as part of our free trial. We will build up the number of opportunities and you will be able to submit your products to the relevant campaigns.

How long until I hear back?

This depends on the buyer and campaign length. Some retailers will take days or weeks to provide an update and some other months. Buyers will be invited to provide feedback to brands who have submitted their products before progressing to the next steps.

How many times can I make a submission?

You can submit as many times as you want as long as your brand matches the campaign requirements.

What are the next steps from my submission?

The buyer or buying team will decide the next steps. They have the option to take this internally and follow their own process. They can also choose to arrange follow-up digital or in-person meetings facilitated by our technology and our team.