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Product Guru Supplier Focus | Into the world of Rohtos Labs


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For our latest 'Supplier Focus' blog, we spoke to Marko Makkinen, founder and CEO of Rohtos Labs, who told us more about his business.

Tell us a bit about your company and its background

Rohtos Labs was founded in 2016. We're based in the Nordics - just south of the Arctic Circle, in Oulu, Finland.

Our products are premium-quality supplements that support a range of physiological and biological conditions; everything from athletic performance through to mental focus and stress management.

Rohtos Labs is an independent operator that manufactures its product in-house, from carefully-sourced raw materials, originating from the local habitat and other parts of the planet. We adhere to strict, Nordic tenets of quality, purity, and honesty. All our products are capsule-form, multi-ingredient formulations, each formulated to best fulfil a clearly-defined purpose.

My inspiration comes from the wild nature which is ever present and just outside my door; it’s both an enemy and a friend. We have extreme seasonality here; low winter temperatures and the long darkness are demanding both physically and mentally. On the other hand, nature provides us with wonderful helpers from its flora, and the same extreme conditions that tax us create pure botanicals with extremely high levels of bioactive compounds that can support us in daily life.

Rohtos Labs was born out of my deep everyday connection with nature, and passion to utilise these bioactive botanicals in everyday life.

All members of our founding team have worked with information technology and digital media in the past, which gives us a solid basis for building a modern, omnichannel brand.

How many people work for the business?

We currently employ five people full time. In addition, we work daily with a team of external specialists – biochemists, a sports scientist and retail and graphics design experts. We're also connecting with athletes and storytellers around the world to test and share what they love about our products.

Who do you sell your products to?

We sell both to Scandinavian retailers and direct-to-consumer from our website. Our retail partners are mostly specialist stores in the health segment, but they also include operators that cater to active athletes and the emerging biohacker market.

We currently ship our products to customers in the UK and are looking for some great retailers to help us build our second home market here.

Our end customers are a heterogeneous group, the majority from +35-yr. age demographic, which includes quality-conscious consumers from the health-optimising demographic, urban career-oriented professionals seeking a bit of help with their everyday, people who identify with the biohacker movement and active athletes seeking to improve their performance.

Is there a specific product you are particularly proud of and why?

While we feel that our whole roster of formulations is well balanced and competitive, I am particularly proud of our two-part Overpower formulation.

Overpower was created to be the best-of-breed in natural performance enhancement and to improve performance and recovery across the body system in every person that tries it. We have invested heavily in compiling a product that provides exceptional performance and value at the same time.

What do you most enjoy about running your business?

This business just feels close to the heart, in many ways. We love the positive feedback from our customers, which indicates that we're making a difference in their lives. We love the science and experimenting with novel compounds. Every capsule we make goes through our own hands and I love that I am creating products that really work hard for our customers.

We are stringent about defining and implementing the best supplement products and formulations that combine multiple ingredients to create effective synergies. This work integrates measuring bioactivity and efficacy with multiple technologies - heart rate monitors, blood panels, questionnaires and so on.

What are your ambitions for your company?

I feel that we're really building a premier European brand for functional supplements that stays on par with the rapid development of natural sciences. We want to create content that resonates with our customers and provides value.

We'll continue to offer our customers not only the best formulations, but also the means to measure their effects on themselves. This means a lot of work with various biomarkers and technologies and we have big ambitions in this area.

I believe that with the right retail partners, we'll be able to reach a more diverse range of consumers and really provide more people with natural solutions to help them get more out of their daily lives.


What do you enjoy doing during your spare time?

I enjoy combining resistance training with supplementation. I monitor myself daily with my Oura ring and a blood glucose monitor. I enjoy building better cognitive awareness of the effects of diverse bioactive compounds on myself. I like cooking, a good movie or a TV show and the company of friends and my family, and of course spending time enjoying Finnish nature.

What do you think of the Product Guru platform and what encouraged you to use us?

We've been looking at retailers in the UK for a while now and our search lead us to Holland & Barrett. They have the referral to Product Guru on their website, so it was really straightforward to get registered. We love that you are able to showcase us to a wide range of potential partners.

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