Help and Support for early-stage brands

Tools and content to optimise your chances of success in retail.

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Access to Buyer Campaigns completely free until 31st December 2024 and dedicated support to collaborate and learn.

Do you qualify?

Less than 5 employees

Only companies with a headcount of five or less are eligible to join our Start-Up programme.

Less than 250k investment

Applicants must have received less than £250k of external investment.

Less than 250k turnover

Only companies who have registered less than £250k turnover can join our programme.

Our Partners

We’ve put together an insightful Community Library with the support of our partners:

Our Start-up programme mission

We’re a tech start-up, so even if we’ve grown, we’re passionate about helping start-ups succeed by providing them the tools and services they need to find their route to market.

By removing any potential financial barrier, our mission is to provide additional support to the ones hustling the most.

Our start up programme is our way of supporting early-stage brands, ensuring they have full access to all resources to optimise their chances of success in retail.

Why join?

Free Access:

Buyer Campaigns completely free until 31st December 2024.

Community Library:

Gain access to hours of content via our Community Library to gain valuable insights from buyers and partners to grow your brand and support your early-stage needs.

Discounts & Opportunities:

Gain access to partner discounts and network collaboration opportunities.


The option to run some joint PR and promote your brand on our website and social media channels.

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Start-up FAQs
What are the eligibility requirements?

To be eligible, all applicants must have less than five employees, received less than £250k external investment and registered less than £250k turnover.

How long can I benefit from the programme?

Successful applicants will be eligible to join and stay on the programme until 31st December 2024.

What happens if I misrepresent my start-up's eligibility?

Routine checks will be carried and all applicants will be vetted. If a business misrepresents its eligibility, it will be held accountable and would have to pay the annual subscription to Buyers Campaigns.

What happens when the annual contract is over?

In December 2024, brands from the start-up programme will be notified and asked if they wish to subscribe to Buyer Campaigns to keep access to their premium benefits with no obligation.