What is POP?

POP is a technology powered concept store, putting challenger brands in the hands of key players in your sector.

Driven by our powerful Product Guru platform, POP features on-shelf and in-store technology to display product data and videos to expose your brand like never before.

Who will visit POP?
  • Buyers: Retail, wholesale, Food to Go, Travel, Hotel, Speciality.
  • Trade: Importers, Exporters, Distributors, Sales Agents.
  • Exposure: Press, PR sector specialists, Influencers.
  • Funding: Investors.
Where is POP?

Whether you're focused on growth in your home market or looking to expand into international markets POP provides a highly effective & extremely cost effective solution.

How it works

Powerful tech, trade show & product discovery POP together

Each category specific POP event takes place over the course of 6 days in a stylish venue merchandised as a retail store. Click on the pink hotspots below to see the highlights of what POP can deliver for you:

How it works
Exposure for your brand

Scanning each brands unique QR code allows buyers to watch your pre-recorded brand introduction, as if you were standing in front of them

Instant access to your brand

Scanning the product barcodes gives the buyer instant access to your product information and allows them to share and discuss with colleagues, request samples or ask you questions.

In-store activation

Optional in-store activation via our digital walls & in-store light boxes or through our in-store sampling program.

Encouraging next steps

Our dedicated team will be in-store to make sure buyers optimise their visit, engage with all relevant brands and encouraging next steps.

Follow up meetings

Buyers can schedule in-person follow-ups with you or schedule virtual follow-ups in your Product Guru digital showroom, where they can engage with you and your products at the same time.

Artists impression based on actual London venue.

The industry has been crying out for more opportunities to discover true product innovation and be inspired. This is what we're offering with POP.

A unique curated experience where all the key players in your market can experience your products first-hand and explore future collaborations.

Our new concept stores model uses enhanced technology to bring together the whole industry in one place.

locationLONDON, ISLINGTON, 2022

Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty

Sunday 04 September 2022 - Friday 09 september 2022

Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Sunday 11 September 2022 - Friday 16 september 2022

The inaugural POP concept store events will be dedicated to Health and Beauty and Food and Drink categories; hosted throughout September, in Islington, London. Each event will attract a multitude of industry focus leaders relevant to the brands on display, in a first-of-its-kind hybrid concept integrating technology to drive interactions.

Take your brand to the world stage

World domination starts with a Pop tour

POP is our technology enabled concept store that revolutionises how brands access new markets or expand their footprint in existing ones.

POP is our fully merchandised retail store that travels the globe. It allows brands to put their products in the hands of buyers, importers, distributors, agents, influencers, press & investors at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Key industry players visit our stunning store in person or use our 3D interactive video technology to walk the store digitally. Our technology gives them instant access to detailed product information, brand video introductions and critically allows them to take clear next steps, from requesting samples or asking questions to scheduling virtual follow-ups or collaborating with colleagues to further engage with your brand.

Join the tour from £195/month.

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World Tour
Why join us?

Impact your industry, take your brand to new heights!

HUGE exposure
HUGE exposure

Exhibit to hundreds of industry leaders and key stakeholders in your sector: retail buyers, traders, importers/exporters, investors, PR experts, journalists, influencers.

Powered by tech
Powered by tech

Our powerful technology ensures buyers have access to your product information, can take next step actions and drives engagement after the event.

Performance Data
Performance Data

Get insights to track success: see details for everyone who visited the pop-up store and interacted with your products.

Flexible pricing
Hugely cost effective

Test new markets or expand your current reach from £295.

Go international
Go local or go global

Use our unique model to gain traction in international markets with all key parties for one low monthly cost.

Interactive experience IRL & VR
Interactive experience IRL & VR

We’re turning brand awareness into a captivating experience in both real life and on virtual reality with advanced 3D technology for visitors attending from a distance.


POP is a highly-cost effective way to gain market entry, expose your brand to an array of key industry players, and connect with them. Starting from just £295, we have a flexible pricing model to suit different business objectives and budgets.

Sign up to the World Tour 2023 and get London 2022 FREE!

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Who Can Pop
Who can POP with us?

Our unique Health and Beauty event has been designed for all products across the category including Skincare, Personal Care, Body care, Hair care, Make up, Toiletries, Dental Care, Wellness, Weight Management, Sport Nutrition, Pain Relief, Remedy and Perfumes.

Our unique Food and Drink event has been designed for all products across the ambient categories including Food Cupboard, Drinks, Sweet and Savoury treats. Please note that chilled and frozen categories are not covered for this event.

If you’re not sure your range is covered in one of these events, please contact our team via our live chat for assistance. We would be happy to help.

Hundreds of virtual and in-person events under our belt and counting

We’re known for bringing innovative ways to connect challenger brands with the key players in retail and beyond.
Don’t just take our word for it.

  • What they say about us

    What they say about us

    We’re known in the industry for our ground-breaking innovations, bringing fantastic opportunities for brands to showcase their products and for buyers to effectively find products by using our powerful technology.

  • In-person events

    In-person events

    We’ve wished farewell to the old trade show in 2022 by hosting our Huddles. Our tech-powered boutique event series guarantees 1-on-1 in-person meetups with the biggest retailers in your category

  • Virtual events

    Virtual events

    We've hosted hundreds of virtual pitch events in 2021 alone. Over 1000 buyers have taken part in our events since March 2021 and found products for their shelves as a result.