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We’ve answered some of the most common buyers questions below. But if you can’t find your answer, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or live chat with one of our friendly team.

How much does it cost to join Product Guru?

Product Guru is completely free to retailers and buyers

How long will it take me to sign up and add my products to Product Guru?

It should take you less than five minutes to sign up to Product Guru This includes verifying your email address, confirming the categories you are most interested in (this can be amended at any time) and giving us details of any ranging or buying windows you have planned.

Can suppliers see my details?

Suppliers can’t see any of your personal details, they will only be able to contact you if you make contact with them.

Which categories of products are on Product Guru?

We list products across all FMCG categories (food, beverages, alcohol, household, health, beauty & personal care) and across all main gift categories (Food & Drink, homewares, stationery, garden, electrical & gadget, cosmetics & beauty and toys).

I’d love to use Product Guru but I’m not sure my category is currently listed?

Please contact us or speak with one of our team via live chat. We’ll confirm if we cover your category, and if not we can discuss whether we can add it.

What is Retail Ready?

Retail Ready is our product verification program. When a supplier chooses to join our Retail Ready program we will verify that you have provided all key product information to allow you to work with them, as well as verifying key business information such as insurance cover and certifications, giving you comfort that on-boarding the company and products will be quick and painless and that they are ready to do business with you today. All verified products show our Retail Ready badge, and you can filter to only show Retail Ready products if you choose.

Do I need to provide any payment information or credit card details?

No. Product Guru is completely free to buyers and you don’t need to provide any forms of payment information.