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What makes a product Retail Ready


Many retailers have guidelines or criteria that suppliers must meet to be eligible to supply them. This is almost always the case for large national retailers, but can apply to some smaller and specialist retailers as well. Many larger retailers have been ‘burned’ at some point by working with suppliers who haven’t been up to the job, and with more and more smaller and/or inexperienced suppliers in the market they are keen to ensure that before they bring a new supplier on-board that they have confidence that supplier meets their criteria.

As we developed Product Guru we had detailed discussions with buyers from some of the UK’s largest grocers about what was important to them, and having these concerns addressed was high on many of the lists. And from this Retail Ready was born.

Retail Ready

In simple terms Retail Ready means that your products are likely to meet the criteria that major retailers set to on-board suppliers and products into their stores. It means that as a business you have the correct insurances, processes and working practices in place, and it means that you have provided all key product information to allow those retailers to properly consider your lines for inclusion in their ranges.

When we look at a Retail Ready verification for a supplier we consider two areas: the supplier as a business and the products themselves.

As a supplier you will need to have certain things in place to be certified Retail Ready. The key one is insurance, especially product liability and public liability insurances.

We look at any certifications the supplier may have, such as BRC or ISO. We check any product claims such as organic or Fair Trade and check the paperwork from the issuing body.

For the products themselves we check to ensure that you have provided all the key information that our major retailers will require to consider your products. We will sense-check this information to look for obvious errors or omissions. Obviously, we can’t verify that your information is correct, only you can do that. But we can ensure meaningful information is provided to the retailers.

Benefits of Certification

Retail Ready certification shows the major retailers that you are professional in your approach to your supply, and have ‘ticked the boxes’ in the areas that are of most concern to them.

Because we have verified your information your products appear at the top of any search results giving you a much higher chance of being spotted by buyers. And when buyers filter search results to see Retail Ready products, your lines will be shown in the results.

Sounds Time Consuming?

One of the beauties of Retail Ready is that is isn’t time consuming. In fact, the process can be completed in a few minutes. Just add a few details about your business, and when prompted upload your insurance details along with proof of any external certifications you have.

The information for your products are all pulled from the details you have already uploaded when adding the products to the platform, so we will just indicate if anything is missing and then the information is automatically sent to us for validation. One of our friendly team will review and come back to you with any questions if needed or confirm your Retail Ready status. Simple!

In today’s competitive market we know it is important to give yourself every chance of success. For more details about Retail Ready visit the dedicated pages on our site.

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