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Product Guru Supplier Focus | Into the World of Storyteller


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So, we talked to Bhavesh who told us all about Storyteller.

Tell us about your company, Bhavesh. 

We are a team of 5 who started Storyteller to create travel and fashion accessories as well as help solve the educational problem worldwide. Storyteller was formed in 2018 and we are based in Birmingham UK. We are a purpose driven business which makes travel accessories with 10% of every sale helping to fund educational programmes for those less fortunate around the world.  

Using our funds and volunteering team, we have worked with local NGOs and international charities to help run and fund educational programmes for adults and children in 8 different countries including Liberia, Tanzania, Nepal and India. 

Our products have been shortlisted as a finalist at the Gift of the Year awards in 2018, followed by winning British Travel and Tourism Accessory awards for travel and fashion accessories of the year in the same year. 

 In 2020 we won social entrepreneurs of the year for our educational projects worldwide.

Can you tell us a bit more about your products?

We create travel and fashion accessories which help to capture memories from events and travel that are closest to our heart. 

Our original and best selling product is the Storyteller FlagMate, a keyring to which you attach hand-painted flags for every country you have visited with the added option to engrave your special memories from each trip on the back.  We are very proud of this product as it was the first product offering of its kind. 

FlagMate was created after trying to solve a personal problem. After travelling I would come back with amazing memories but always the same souvenirs and nothing really that was tangible where I could record my travel memories. Journals are great, but they are hard to work to maintain.

I came up with the idea for FlagMate by combining the longevity of a journal with the simplicity of a souvenir, creating the perfect way to capture our personal travel memories.

There are a number of varieties of flags such as the challenge maker flags which help marathon runners capture their achievements followed by the changemaker flag range which help individuals collect and support ideas and events that they are passionate about such as Black Lives Matter and Mental Health Support. 

We sell to consumers around the world, with a large number of our customers based in Europe and USA. 

What do you most enjoy about running your business?

To receive positive feedback from customers and seeing how our products are helping people deliver the gift of happiness is incredible. We regularly see videos of people reading the back of each flag and getting emotional with tears and happiness with their family and friends really makes us happy. It really shows us that our product is not only a commemorative item to capture your travels but also the best Storytelling tool .

When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?

Outside of the brand, I enjoy reading, travelling and hiking. I am a huge book-worm and love a good physical book! 

What do you think of the Product Guru platform? What encouraged you to use us?

Product Guru was a test for us to use for the UK market especially. It’s easy to set up and easy to use. It also helps to get products in front of buyers and on to shelves using a platform that is incredibly easy to use. Trying to do this without such platforms would be difficult so I am happy that this platform exists for both buyers and sellers.

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