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Product Guru Supplier Focus | Into the world of Squeeze Wheatgrass and the healthy beverage market


At Product Guru we are proud to support a growing community of small independent suppliers. We list products across all FMCG and gifts categories and we like to share the stories behind them.

Our latest 'Supplier Focus' blog looks at Jacquelyn, Managing Director at Squeeze Wheatgrass and Wild Power Wheatgrass, who told us more about her business in a recent interview.

  • Tell us a bit about your company and its background.

The company was formed in 2010.  We are based in Warrenpoint, Co. Down which is a seaside town at the foot of the Mourne Mountains which is officially classed as an area of outstanding natural beauty.

I started growing Wheatgrass for my own use in 2008 following a diagnosis of skin cancer and having read up on the benefits of Wheatgrass I was keen to give it a try.  Having searched the internet the only options I could find were frozen wheatgrass shots or powdered wheatgrass and neither of those was what I was looking for.  Such is my belief in the benefits of Wheatgrass, after some intensive research and development, Squeeze Wheatgrass was set up in 2010.

We were the first company to use HPP (High Pressure Processing) to extend the shelf life of Wheatgrass Juice.  The benefits of this is there is no need for any preservatives and HPP kills off any nasties whilst retaining the nutrients and enzymes of the fresh juice.

We packaged the juice in shot sized bottles, which are convenient for the customer.

Squeeze Wheatgrass is a family business (currently 5 people working in the business) where the passion for producing quality wheatgrass shots is as alive today as it was at the start of our journey.

  • Who does it sell to? 

We now have two separate Brands within our business.  Squeeze Wheatgrass is an online brand selling directly to customers in UK, NI and Europe via our own E-commerce website  The Squeeze Wheatgrass brand is also available online at TheFoodMarket.Com, a partner website.

The Wild Power Wheatgrass Brand was set up at the end of 2016 and is the retail brand of the business.  We sell this brand to key Independent retailers in NI, ROI and UK.  We also sell this brand online at

  •  Is there a specific product you are particularly proud of and why? 

I'm very proud of all the products in both brands.  The Wheatgrass shots with added juice was a great innovative move for us and sets us apart from all competitors.  I'm proud of our move from traditional farming methods to the more science-based Hydroponics method which gives us more control on growth timelines.  I am also particularly proud with the addition of the Wild Power Brand.

  • What do you most enjoy about running your business?

Every day is different when you run a small business.  I enjoy overseeing the production team, making sure everything is on track for a good harvest.  Equally, I am happy sitting down with my son who is also a Director in the company to have a look at sales forecasting and planning marketing activities.  We will be working hard on those plans in December and January.

  • What are your ambitions for your company? 

We would like to see our Wild Power Brand on the shelves of some retailers in the UK.  There has been a monumental shift since we first started whereby health-focused food and drinks are now less of a fringe item and more mainstream.  We signed up to Product Guru because they understand the real struggle it is to get your products in front of the right people at the right time. Attending trade shows and sending samples can become costly but with Product Guru you can showcase your products to Buyers all year round.  Keen to see what happens in 2019 as a result of placing our products on the Product Guru platform (no pressure!).

  • What do you enjoy doing during your spare time?

With two adorable grandchildren, most of my spare time is taken up with them and enjoying the world through their eyes.  I also love to walk by the seaside taking in the amazing views and re-charging the batteries.


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