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Product Guru Supplier Focus | Into the world of Love Tonic and a splash into their tonic


At Product Guru we are proud to support a growing community of small independent suppliers.
We list products across all FMCG and gifts categories and we like to share the stories behind them.

In this 'Supplier Focus' interview, we talked to Gary, at Love Tonic, who told us more about the business in a recent interview.

Tell us a bit about your company and its background

Love Tonic first started when my friend Don and myself recognised the growing gin trend was creating an area
of opportunity to produce a premium tonic. One that did not mask the taste of botanicals in the spirit by masking it with the bitter taste of quinine. We carried out considerable research and developed different taste flavours. We worked closely with 3 different Scottish universities to further develop the taste, create a brand, marketing plan and launch strategy.

When was your company formed?

Love Tonic first started back in June 2018. Love Tonic Ltd was then registered 3rd October 2018.

Where are you based?

We are based in Inverness.

What do you produce?

Our product Love Tonic is a quinine free, sparkling mixer drink. It is made from all natural products, it is low in calories, allergen free and suitable for vegans.

How many people work for the business?

3 people currently work in the business.

Who does it sell to?

We currently sell locally to bars and hotels, local shops, on-line drinks retailers and a large spirits manufacturer.

Is there a specific product you are particularly proud of and why?

We are very proud of Love Tonic. As a product it is a unique standout in its market. It is the result of lots of hard work and research, not just by ourselves but also the work and dedication of the students in the universities involved.

What do you most enjoy about running your business?

Running your own business is fun. It has to be enjoyable to allow you to be enthusiastic and creative

What are your ambitions for your company?

Ambitions for Love Tonic are to initially sell to the UK market and develop and introduce new recipes to the market. Eventually we would like to look at the export market and support the spirits industry that already exports to the rest of the world.

What do you enjoy doing during your spare time?

In my spare time I work on my small croft, play golf and walk my dogs

What do you think of the Product Guru platform?

Small companies do not have the time or resources to directly contact potential buyers. So I think Product Guru is an excellent marketing platform to allow companies  to showcase their products to the many potential buyers out there.

What encouraged you to use us?

I met the team from Product Guru at a trade exhibition. They told me about Product Guru and it seemed an excellent concept, so we immediately registered.

Product Guru facilitates the introduction and the product discovery process by placing products in front of vetted buyers. Like Gary and Love Tonic, you can sign up to Product Guru for free today and start showcasing your own products on our platform.

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