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Product Guru Supplier Focus | Into the world of Esri Skincare


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So, we talked to Cheri who told us all about her business Esri Skincare.

Tell us a bit about your company, its background and  your products?

Based in London, I started Esri Skincare in March 2020. I create luxurious natural handmade skincare products for all skin types.

I wanted to create an ethically-sourced, luxurious and natural skincare line specifically for the health-conscious, 30-something+ woman who knows herself on a spiritually conscious level, dares to be non-conformist and is free spirited.

Esri Skincare fans are interested in beauty and refinement and love products that not only refresh, sooth and hydrate but also rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Our customers enjoy ageless skin and that elusive fabulous glow we all want. It’s that simple.

I have always been interested in aromatherapy, essential oils, reiki, yoga, reflexology etc. Anything that reflects beauty inside and out. I particularly have a passion for aromatherapy and my skincare range allows me to revel in my passion. I seem to have the gift of blending essential oils for a specific purpose. I love it. I use pure essential oils in all my skincare products and the formulations I use are my own recipes and from the heart. Each essential oil targets a specific skincare issue. As all the ingredients are natural, they are biocompatible, they work with the body and not against. All ingredients are ethically sourced and suitable for vegans. No parabens, no silicones, no sulphates, no mineral oils, no petroleum, no TEA or DEA and no animal testing.

You will find me in Vanity Fair, Glamour UK and in British Vogue, October 2020 issue. In November 2020, I was also named Start Up Business of the Year at the 14th annual Precious Awards. The Precious Awards celebrate the achievements of women of colour in business, leadership and work. They are passionate about recognising success in the workplace and inspiring women of colour to launch their own businesses.


How many people work for the business and who do you sell to?

It's just me and I sell to the general public through my website and social media accounts.

Is there a specific product you are particularly proud of and why?

My Rose, Neroli and Geranium Cleanser. It was my first product. I wanted a product that would hydrate dry skin as I have dry skin and reverse the aging process over time. I had a dream during the night about which ingredients to put together. It was an thrilling experience when I woke up.  My customers love it and comment on the amazing smell.

What do you most enjoy about running your business?

Marketing the brand, having the opportunity to show potential customers who I am, highlighting Esri Skincare’s vision and mission.

I have always looked after my skin and have seen it as a ritual which allowed me to consistently practice mindfulness, which over the years has kept me sane and grounded. I wanted to create the same powerful opportunity for other women so they can be healed on a spiritual level and access their divine feminine and this is what I set out to achieve with my business.

Then of course there is also the physical mixing and blending of my products. My heart is content when I am doing that.


What do you enjoy doing during your spare time?

I like going on long walks in nature, especially in forests or woods. At home I like reading, at the moment I am studying 1984 by George Orwell.

What do you think of the Product Guru platform?

I love the premise of the platform and I can’t wait until the premium version is available.


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