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Product Guru Supplier Focus | Into the World of Collective Arts


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So, we talked to Katie, Brand Ambassador for Collective Arts Brewing, who told us all about the business.

Tell us a bit about your company, its background and  your products?

Collective Arts Brewing is a craft brewery in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, founded by Matt Johnston and Bob Russell. It is a grassroots brewery that aims to fuse the creativity of craft beer with the inspired talents of emerging artists and musicians. Collective Arts Brewing was founded on two beliefs: The first that creativity fuels creativity. And the second, that creativity yields delicious pints. We feature limited-edition works of art on our beer cans and labels, and we work to make sure the liquid on the inside is as diverse and creative as the artists we profile.


How many people work for the business and who do you sell to?

Collective Arts has 170 people who work for the business and we sell our products internationally through distributors and directly through our web shop. We actually just launched our UK web shop www.collectiveartsuk.com.

Is there a specific product you are particularly proud of and why?

It’s hard to pinpoint a product when it comes to Collective Arts as it’s so much more than a brewery that just brews beer, but if I really had to pick one product it would have to be our gin! All of our gins are crafted in small batches with our unique house-made botanical blend. We have a flagship Artisanal Dry, pink, purple and recently released a blue gin. Each has their own very distinct and unique flavour. The artwork on each bottle is created by one of our resident artists which just completely sells itself! Perfect for using as a water bottle or vase once the gin is gone.

What do you most enjoy about running your business?

The creativity that flows, not only through the products but every single person that works for Collective Arts, and even though we are a global brand with colleagues in most corners of the globe, Matt and Bob have still managed to create this team that makes you feel like you're a part of one big family.

What do you enjoy doing during your spare time?

As a brand ambassador working on the International team I am lucky enough to travel with my job A LOT and all over the world so when it comes to my spare time; if I’m away I like to take some time in the country to explore or if I’m at home, a chilled weekend with my friends and family is perfect and you can either find me on the beaches in Cornwall, UK in the summer or Austrian Alps in the winter!

What do you think of the Product Guru platform? What encouraged you to use us?

The simplicity of the platform and customer service is really great considering it costs nothing. The virtual exhibition with the types and level of buyers encouraged us to sign up.

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