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Product Guru Supplier Focus: Neura and Natural Cognitive Fuels


At Product Guru we are proud to support a growing community of exciting challenger brands. We showcase products across all FMCG and gifts categories on the Product Guru platform and we love to share the stories behind them.

In our latest Supplier Focus, we talk to David Higgins, the Founder of Neura Natural Cognitive Fuels.



Tell us a bit about your company and its background

Neura was formed towards the end of 2018, and started trading in Q2 2020. We're headquartered in Colchester, one hour away from London by train.

Neura produce an ultra-premium range of supplements entirely formulated to support and nourish the brain, the body’s most delicate, complex, and influential organ. Our initial offering consists of 3 core products, collectively known as the Natural Cognitive Fuels Range, however we are currently developing more products to add to the range, while keeping the focus solely on cognitive health supplementation. Unlike the vast majority of other cognitive health products on the market, our focus is on drinks rather than pills (though we do have one capsule product called Serenity).

The blueprint for Neura from the very outset was to produce products of unrivalled quality and efficacy. We only select ingredients that are backed by robust, consistent science and critically we include these individual ingredients at quantities that either meet or exceed those used in clinical, peer reviewed and published studies.


How many people work for the business?

Currently we have a team of 10 people based in the UK, however we have built a network of global contacts and suppliers who are responsible for sourcing the premium ingredients we use and negotiating a highly competitive price for them.

Who do you sell to?

We're currently selling direct to the consumer, through our own website and Amazon. We ship anywhere in the UK and mainland Europe and are currently in the process of investigating a US distribution network.

Is there a specific product you are particularly proud of and why?

We put a huge amount of research and development time into our 3 main products. We maintain very high standards in relation to what can and cannot be considered for inclusion into our final products. However, if I had to pick a favourite it would be Clarity.

Clarity is our flagship product; we firmly believe Clarity is the definitive cognitive health product on the market today. A significant period of time went into developing Clarity, both in terms of its active ingredients but also its flavour profile and colouring system (we only use natural flavours and colours). Clarity contains a number of herbal ingredients which can make developing a colour and taste that will be attractive to the consumer a real struggle, however we did eventually manage it!

Clarity is at the forefront of our quality commitment and it is a product we are incredibly excited to bring to the mainstream market.

What do you most enjoy about running your business?

It's an awful cliché but if you are truly interested in, and passionate about your business, it really doesn't feel like work. Our team is always researching ways to improve the Natural Cognitive Fuels range (in fact in the very near future we will be introducing some additions to our existing formulas, to keep them ahead of the pack).

As with any relatively new business, there are a lot of late nights/early mornings and as a founder (particularly in the early days) you have to wear many hats/perform many functions, ultimately this helps you develop a thorough understanding of the inner workings of the different areas of the business.

On a personal level, I find it incredibly exciting to be involved in this hugely promising and rapidly developing area within the wider health and wellness sector. Cognitive health and supplementation while currently in its relative infancy, holds huge growth potential.

What are your ambitions for your company? 

A significant body of consumer research is suggesting that the awareness of cognitive health supplementation is growing (currently in North America the idea of supplementing for brain health is far more accepted and developed than in the UK). As such the ambition for Neura is to become the premium option for those who are interested in products that support their brain health and function, their mood, their sleep quality, and their athletic/lifestyle performance. While that is certainly a daunting challenge, we feel that the quality of products and brand identity, combined with our strong global supplier links give us a firm foundation from which to build towards this goal.


It's a busy job - running your own company - but what do you enjoy doing during your spare time?

I like to get out in nature, it really puts the rest of your life into perspective, particularly if things aren't going in a direction you would like or you are feeling stressed. A long walk or short bouts of intense exercise (I particularly like hill sprints) always makes things feel better.

I play a lot of sport; rugby has been a passion of mine since the age of 7. I don't have too many more years left playing at a good standard, so I try to enjoy that as much as I can.

What do you think of the Product Guru platform? What encouraged you to use us?

I am really impressed by the Product Guru platform, it is incredibly difficult to catch the eye of relevant buyers, as they receive a huge volume of contacts from aspiring brands.

To compound matters the reduction of physical trade shows this year due to the C19 restrictions has made things even tougher. Product Guru gives you a direct path into the buyers view, which seems to be half the battle. I think the best way to put it is - Product Guru puts you in the shop window (if you are lucky, quite literally) at which point it is up to you, to make the most of that time.


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