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Game Changing Product Discovery Tool Set to Launch


A powerful new product discovery platform is set to launch in July allowing suppliers to showcase their products to retailers, revolutionising the way buyers discover new products.

Product Guru, the brainchild of Simon Coyle, is an innovative marketplace allowing suppliers to place in-depth product information at buyer’s fingertips.

In turn, buyers can quickly and efficiently consider thousands of unique consumer goods – including FMCG, home, gift and travel – and using powerful profiling, categorisation and filtering tools hone in on products that meet their exact criteria. Product Guru can be accessed anywhere from any device, including mobile.

Founded earlier this year, the Scottish-based Software as Service start-up will fully launch in July.

Director and founder, Simon Coyle, said: “We think that Product Guru represents a real game-changer in the market as it is significantly different to anything else that’s currently available.

“While the pace that technology is changing the face of retail is significant, the use of technology in finding the products that drive the market is not. And with more and more small, specialist suppliers driving innovation it is harder than ever for buyers to be able to consider all options. Until now”.

“The platform allows suppliers, including SME suppliers who might normally have struggled to secure the attention of buyers from the major national retailers, to ensure their products are visible and ready to be considered”. 

“We recognise that most buyers have significant time constraints, and Product Guru has been specifically designed with that in mind, making the discovery process easier than ever before, saving time, money and effort. Once you find products of interest you can effortlessly choose the next steps – save for later, request a sample or connect with the seller, all with just one or two clicks. And without having to share your external contact details, until you are ready to do so.

 The market-changing software provides suppliers and buyers with their own personalised homepage, ensuring it is easy to keep track of activities.

 Product Guru is entirely free to buyers and retailers. A standard subscription is also available for free to suppliers, with the choice of a premium subscription which offers the supplier detailed analytics on the performance of their products, which retailers are showing an interest in their lines, as well as access to retailers category review dates. 

 Also on offer is a verification product called Retail Ready. Retail Ready verifies that suppliers have all the core commercial product information in place, as well as verifying any certifications and ensuring that key business covers such as insurance. This in turn gives retailers comfort they are dealing with professional businesses, giving confidence that on-boarding the supplier will be straightforward.   

The platform has had a pre-register option in place on its website for the last month, and already has  buyers from retailers including John Lewis, Waitrose, Oxfam, TK Maxx and Sainsbury’s pre-registered for the service, as well as hundreds of suppliers.