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Product Guru Supplier Focus | Into the World of Dynamic Nutrition Academy


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So, we talked to Roberta who told us all about Dynamic Nutrition Academy (DNA).

Tell us about your company, Roberta. 

DNA was formed in 2018 by me and my husband Sheldon. HQ is our home in Hertfordshire. DNA is a family business proudly manufacturing in the UK.

I'm Roberta, CEO and Head of Nutrition. Constantly looking for new ways to evolve and improve the recipes based on the very latest scientific research. DNA’s brands have transparency and quality at our core, using only pharmaceutical grade nutrients with solid, legal health claims to support.

Sheldon is the Chief Innovations Officer and the creative behind DNA’s MANimals. This distinctive, approach intentionally offers a disruptive, playful and engaging approach to what we know is a difficult and awkward subject for men to talk about. DNA’s Which MANimal are you campaign, enables men to find out which product is right for them based on their symptoms using our fun, interactive quiz

The company was built from the need to offer men better natural solutions for the increasingly common issue of low testosterone which 1 in 4 men are impacted by and became an issue for Sheldon. It was at this point we realised that men (particularly compared to women) were being completely under serviced in terms of natural hormonal health products. DNA was born!

Sheldon, on paper seems like that least likely person in the world to have low testosterone. 6ft 4 and 120KGs of South African muscle, as a fitness instructor he is always in the gym or doing something sporty. But back in 2018 he was really struggling with fatigue, low mood, loss of libido and just didn’t feel himself anymore. 

After some unsuccessful trips to the GP, and an initial misdiagnosis of depression, he was diagnosed with low testosterone and andropause (AKA the male menopause). We then found out is common in men over 40 and actually how similar in symptoms this is to peri-menopause but without the awareness and products to support. 

Sheldon wanted to find natural ways to boost his testosterone rather than go on the pharmaceutical interventions being offered to him which have many side effects, and as a Naturopathic Nutritionist I wanted to support him on this. 

Also at the same time, I had been seeing more and more men in my clinic with the same symptoms and issues as Sheldon. I was used to seeing women with hormonal imbalance and felt fully equipped to help them, but this issue was new to men and I needed to find out more. From vast research, we then found a wealth of information out there on this including the startling revelation that testosterone levels are at a global all time low having decreased 50% in 50 years.

Following its peak at 19, testosterone declines in all men and due to negative lifestyle factors and environmental factors, this is happening faster than ever. Urgent interventions are needed. But despite the size of the problem, we found that all the natural products on the market took a really outdated and old fashioned approach. All testosterone products were capsule-based, sports nutrition products with a one size fits all approach which were not meeting the needs of modern men. Nor acknowledging that your hormones and nutrient needs in your twenties are not the same as in your fifties, so why were the products? 

We spent the next two years extensively researching the most effective natural testosterone-boosting nutrients based on the latest science and research into nutraceuticals and their role on men’s health.

The result was the world’s first range of natural testosterone support powders that offer a pioneering approach by developing three different brands that recognise the changing hormonal and nutrient needs of all men.

Can you tell us a bit more about your products?

Our trio of natural testosterone boosters are world first products filling an enormous gap in the rapidly emerging men’s betterMENt market. Our next generation, modern approach brings the men’s hormonal health market in line with women’s. 

Enabling men to get the much needed support for the myriad of unpleasant symptoms of low testosterone and testosterone deficiency. DNA have launched the first powders in this emerging market, providing an effective daily shot of targeted nutrient support to support natural testosterone production. Offering maximum absorption with minimal fuss. 

Each of our blends are world first products in market and DNA are the first brand to have the whole of market covered.  Offering retailers the rare chance to take men through all three brands which support men through the 40+ year journey of testosterone decline that starts in your twenties. Each and every single sachet delivers over 105 authorised health claims, making them unrivalled in terms of dosages.

As testosterone production is on a 24-hour cycle, DNA’s blends are designed to be part of men’s daily health regime. DNA call this Man Maintenance! All of our products delivers maximum benefit, with minimum fuss in a convenient daily powder easy to mix with your morning juice or water. From Stir To Grr.

Evolving into powders was a no brainer as it enables us to get an unrivalled amount of nutrients into each and every sachet. The dosages in each of our daily powder to liquid shots is the equivalent of taking 15-20 individual supplements offering maximum benefit with minimum fuss. Tablets and capsules offer limited absorption as they are challenged by the digestion process. Our powders remain stable and  our bioactive ingredients get to work immediately in water or juice. 

Many men are also suffering from potentially multiple nutrient deficiencies, and this impacts testosterone production. Therefore all of our products offer a core base blend of 12 vitamins and minerals crucial for optimum health. Adding extra benefit of a multivitamin and replacing the need for lots of different pots of supplements which can be a challenge to remember to take.

White Wolf “Defence” Men aged 25+

White Wolf is the world’s first natural testosterone powdered supplement designed uniquely for young men who want to keep testosterone levels at youthful, healthy levels. Peaking at 19, and declining at alarming rates, healthy testosterone is the primary male hormone required for vitality, virility, fertility and the overall health of men. White Wolf is uniquely designed with young men’s needs in mind.

Its pioneering blend of 17 key nutrients essential to men's health, offer 115 authorised health claims in each sachet, making it the most potent natural testosterone powder in the world. T levels are on a 24-hour cycle, replenishing overnight. Understanding this, White Wolf is formulated based on the latest scientific research into nutrients that optimise your body’s natural testosterone production.  It also delivers added benefits of doubling up as a multi vitamin including key nutrients many men are deficient in.

Silverback “Recover” Men aged 40+ 

Silverback is the world’s first testosterone powder for men aged 40+ looking to balance their hormones naturally. Its natures solution to combatting rapidly declining testosterone levels and andropause (AKA menopause / male menopause which all men go through).

This unique daily powder to liquid natural formula enables men to optimise their own natural testosterone production and alleviate some of the unpleasant symptoms of low testosterone. Silverback’s pioneering blend of 16 nutrients offers 104 authorised health claims and is delivered in one convenient daily 150ml shot for maximum absorption and minimal fuss. Its uniquely designed to meet modern men’s needs and is the first product of its kind to support the millions of men impacted by testosterone deficiency. 

Grey Fox “Protect” Men aged 55+ 

Grey Fox is the world first hormonal health food supplement specifically designed for men aged 55+. At this age, restoring hormonal balance, combatting the loss of testosterone and essential nutrients is a key factor in positive ageing. Hormone levels decrease significantly with age yet continue to play a crucial role in keeping men healthy with optimum testosterone levels supporting positive libidos, mood, and mind.

With these priorities in mind, Grey Fox provides a unique blend of 15 nutrients, minerals, and herbs. Each sachet of our pioneering powder offers an unrivalled dose of natural support. Strategically designed for older men, whose focus is keeping hormones happy and maintaining optimal wellness at a cellular level.

Grey Fox’s pioneering blend of ingredients contains 107 authorised health claims, delivered in DNA’s unique powdered daily sachet. Minimising the need to pop multiple different capsules which can be difficult to swallow and digest and challenging to maintain.

Is there a specific product you are particularly proud of and why?

It all started with Silverback. This was formulated solely to enable men like Sheldon (in their forties) combat the rapid decline of testosterone that leads to andropause. He proudly calls himself Chief Silverback and is happy to share his personal experience of low T to help other men open up about their own challenges. 

The other products came naturally after that when we realised that testosterone decline started in your twenties and actually lasted the entire duration of men’s life. Currently no other brand in the world acknowledges this or is offering solutions - until now. 

What do you most enjoy about running your business?

It's amazing to work with my husband. Aside from having complimentary skills which makes us perfect business partners, we also are able to support each other through the challenges that comes with running a start up in ways that go above and beyond normal professional relationships. We are also both incredibly passionate about wanting to raise awareness of this important Men’s Health issue and looking forward to helping men and their partners via education and support.

When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?

We have three children between us and two dogs - that takes up a lot of time. We also both enjoy mixed martial arts and our competitive nature sees us often challenge each other in various sporting activities. Currently we’ve got the tennis vibe!

What do you think of the Product Guru platform? What encouraged you to use us?

It was a serendipitous moment where a friend of mine had a ticket for one of the lightning pitches but couldn’t make it and kindly gave us the ticket at the last minute!

This was our first ever pitch and nerve racking as no deck involved. However the subject really resonated with both men and women (we’ve found women really understand our products as they have a stronger connectional with hormonal health that creates a short hand) and led to some sample requests.

Things have gone from strength to strength since then (April 2021) directly from the Product Guru pitch. We are onboarding currently with new European platform Dayrize which is really exciting. 

Incredibly - we are also about to secure our first retail listing - and it's a big one! Not signed on the dotted line yet so can’t reveal who but we’re incredibly proud and also grateful that retailers are now seeing the potential of this enormous global market which is set to go the same way as the female hormonal health market off the back of our Product Guru virtual pitch!

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